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Skip to main content. The Gambling Act gamblinb the development of an integrated problem gambling strategy focused on public health. These services comprise public health services, intervention services, research, evaluation and workforce development.

This report presents descriptive results showing New Zealanders' participation in gambling activities over the 12 months prior to the Health and Lifestyles Survey. Older problem gambling publications are available from the Ministry's library catalogue. Skip to main content. Problem gambling Strategic direction overview Services Problem gambling levy Service user data Research and evaluation Publications.

Publications relating to problem gambling in New Zealand. Published 06 Stratefy Gambliing improved understanding of the quality and quantity of harm will help to better target efforts to prevent or reduce the potential negative consequences of problematic gambling. Co-occurrence, Impact and Coping. Published 15 May The study took place between June and Marchinvolving clients of Ministry of Health funded problem problem gambling strategy intervention gamblng.

Published 27 May Published 30 October Published 31 July Published 04 April Published 30 July An Advisory Group was established comprising thirteen representatives from across the problem gambling services and the gambling sector to provide expert advice throughout the development of the Report. Preventing and Minimising Gambling Harm: Published 23 May This document sets out the Ministry's budget for and approach to funding and coordinating services to prevent and minimise gambling harm.

These services comprise public health services, intervention services, in what states is slot machine gambling legal, evaluation and workforce development. Published 16 October Published 10 August The Ministry of Health has released a consultation document on the services it proposes to purchase to prevent and minimise gambling harm in the three year period from 1 July to 30 June Archived Publications Older problem gambling publications are available from problem gambling strategy Ministry's library catalogue.

Government sets $m problem gambling strategy. Internal Affairs Minister Chris Tremain and Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne today. Problem gambling is a growing addiction within all populations, with especially alarming Skill-building and coping strategies for problem gambling are often. Problem Gambling Prevention Strategies for. Addictions & Mental Health Treatment Facilities. Problem and compulsive gambling often co-occur with substance.